Our lives and the workings of the world as they pretains to modern times are all governed by technology. From an artistic perspective, I explored my feelings on undertsanding the world’s present and future survival through the use of webs. In using the dripping technique I was able to demostrate the different webs of our lives. The connections I examined were about the relations found between humankind, our emotions, how we support one another, and how humanity’s affect on violence and destruction plays a part in our roles of society and family. My hope is that my painting’s message will invite the viewers to draw their own conclusions about the webs of our lives and how what we do and say affects us as individuals, but also the world.

Web of Dark Feelings / Medium: Oil w/ Texture and Dripping on Canvas / Size: 30”x30”
Web of Darkness / Medium: Dripping Oil on Canvas / Size: 36”x36”
Web of Faith / Medium: Dripping Oil on Canvas / Size: 18”x24”
Web of Violence / Medium: Dripping Oil on Canvas / Size: 16”x20”