While I was creating this series there was so much in my life that was happening and many aspects of how I lived were transforming. The world in many senses was evolving around me. All my emotions—the happiness, but also the sadness—were painted into this series. Four Seasons from Within is a visual representation of the transformations and challenges each season of the year presents in our lives. Each season of the year will evoke different emotions, interactions, and challenges for the viewer.

Fusion of Life 31” x 23” / Oil w/Texture on Canvas / Spring Season
Hidden Life 25” x 19” / Oil w/ Texture on Canvas / Winter Season
Fighting for Survival 36” x 36” / Oil w/ Texture on Canvas / Summer Season
Fall Spirit 23” x 31” / Oil w/ Texture on Canvas / Fall Season


I first became interested in exploring the Struggles of Peace theme through an artistic perspective so as to better understand the impact that a process of peace has in the lives of individuals and in the environment. As I began painting these relationships I discovered the process of peace involves three main categories: Basic Struggles, Specific Struggles, and challenge Struggles. Each of these categories of life pertains to the different issues developed from our society, the environment, and our human emotional responses. The colors explored in this series reflect my stance on each of the three main struggles. My expectation is that my audience will bear witness to these responses I expressed and feel the same impact.

Struggle to Maintain Peace 24’’x30’’/ Oil w/ Texture on Canvas
Struggle to Eliminate Darkness 24”x30” – Oil w/ Texture on Canvas $ 2,000
Struggle to Terminate War 24”x30” – Oil w/ Texture on Canvas
Basic Struggles of Peace Composition 24”x30” – Oil w/ Texture on Canvas
Struggle of Peace and Hope I & II Composition 24”x36” – Oil w/ Texture on Canvas
Struggle of Peace and Darkness II 24”x36” – Oil with Texture on Canvas


Our lives and the workings of the world as they pretains to modern times are all governed by technology. From an artistic perspective, I explored my feelings on undertsanding the world’s present and future survival through the use of webs. In using the dripping technique I was able to demostrate the different webs of our lives. The connections I examined were about the relations found between humankind, our emotions, how we support one another, and how humanity’s affect on violence and destruction plays a part in our roles of society and family. My hope is that my painting’s message will invite the viewers to draw their own conclusions about the webs of our lives and how what we do and say affects us as individuals, but also the world.

Web of People Interactions 24” x 30” – Dripping Oil on Paper Board – Metal Black Frame
Web of Darkness 36”x36” – Dripping Oil on Canvas


Vibrant Life 25” x 19” / Oil w/ Texture on Canvas/ Summer Season SOLD - Private Collector
Four Seasons from Within Composition 30’x30” / Oil w/ Texture on Canvas SOLD - Private Collector
Alegria – Reborn of Life – Nostalgic Spirit – SOLD - Corporate Display
Specific and Challenge Peace Struggles SOLD – Corporate Display
Quilt of Life | New Galaxy | Ancient Caves SOLD – Corporate Collector
Kensington Landscape SOLD – Private Collector